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UTEST is an integrated electronic testing platform designed to manage high capacity tests that require a high level of monitoring and security. It operates through authorized test centers across 70 countries. In addition, it provides home exams and distant exams while conforming to the international standards for monitoring and quality.

UTEST is designed using the cutting-edge technology and Artificial Intelligence to fulfill the needs of bodies such as ministries, embassies, NGOs and corporations; and educational institutions such as, schools, institutes, universities and training centers that mandate adherence to the international standards of assessment and testing.

Educational Institutions

Features & Advantages

The UTEST platform for electronic tests has many features and features that meet all the needs of certification providers and candidates, for example but not limited to (registration processes - user account management processes - electronic payment processes and reservation of session dates - verification of the identity of the examinees before and during the test), and in what Here are some of them:

Saving the times

Saving the times wasted on the processes of marking and analyzing results, in addition to sharing question banks feature.


Availability to take tests 24/7 whether at home or through test centers worldwide.

Automatic control

Automatic control of the work cycle through the automated management feature that supports data verification for all system users, checking efficiency of the test computer and its devices, and verifying biometric data, creating and distributing test forms, auto-correction, etc...

Control and Insurance

All data, communication channels and attachments are encrypted in addition to prevention of disallowed programs and applications. <br> Test taker’s data verification using artificial intelligence before and during the test (finger print – face recognition – voice recognition – e-signature)

Analytical reports

Analytical reports of feedback, fixing settings of question banks such as complexity, guessing factors, time allowed, etc... <br> Reports on biometrical features and candidate’s interaction with questions and behavior throughout the test session.

Assistive tools

The platform also provides assistive tools such as notes, paint, calculator, dictionary, translator, e-books, etc. so test takers can do without external tools.


The platform provides multilanguage interface including, eastern languages.

User profile

Controlling users’ data updates, in addition to automatic connection with bodies of concern.

Technical support

Available technical support through our communication center, chat service, or email. Distant control service through desktop sharing from inside of the system during the test.


Full control of creating test vouchers, expiry dates, sales, and tracking.

Terms and conditions

Test Instructions

Test proctor is authorized to end the test, hide test results or block the candidates account if the test taker failed to abide by the following instructions:-

  1. Bring the original valid ID/ Passport.
  2. Cooperate with proctors during the inspection process.
  3. Sitting properly in front of the camera or wearing stuff that may hide his/ her face like a hat, acap, headscarf or neqab (for women)
  4. Using banned stuff such as: test preparation material, mobile phones, calculator or other digital or electronic devices.
  5. Eating, drinking, smoking or side-talking during the test.
  6. Leaving the testing room before ending the test or during breaks.
  7. All attempts of copying questions or answers such as overhearing, recording, or communicating with others directly or indirectly.


In case of technical problems or power cut, the test will be resumed where it stopped while safely keeping the remaining time, and test takers are not allowed to leave the room unless they have waited for at least 30 minutes. Then the proctor will fill out the status report and then the test taker shall decide whether to resume the test or repeat the test some other time for free.

Booking a Test

Accredited Centers
Online payment
Bank deposit
Instant payment machines

Test booking vouchers can only be purchased through the platform’s website or the authorized test centers. Payments can be made through credit cards, bank transfer or in cash in the test center. Please check the following information:

  • 1. All vouchers are valid for 12 months
  • 2. Expiration date of vouchers cannot be extended under any circumstances.
  • 3. Tests should be scheduled and taken before voucher’s expiration
  • 4. Vouchers cannot be used more than once
  • 5. Vouchers cannot be refunded. Lost or stolen vouchers cannot be redeemed.
  • 6. Voucher’s information such the state, the currency, the test...etc. cannot be changed after purchasing the voucher.
  • 7. Tests expiry can replace voucher expiry date.
  • 8. Vouchers of retaken tests are only valid for the same test the candidate has failed.
  • 9. Test scores will be withdrawn if the candidate is proven to have used an unauthorized discount, or promotion codes.
  • 10. The platform is not responsible for vouchers obtained by unauthorized distributors or by fraudulence.
  • 11. In case of booking the test at a test center, extra fees will be charged depending on the geographical region.

How to Use

Distant Monitoring

UTEST provides distant proctoring features using Artificial Intelligence to help candidates take their tests at home, while maintaining the standards of quality and monitoring using features that fits all clients such as:

Automated Proctor

Live Monitoring

Remote Support

Online Proctor

Validate the Result

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